Master Urban Planning | Urban Renewal Lörrach | Integrated Study Project III | Summer Semester 2022


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christina Simon-Philipp

In 2022, students from the master's degree program in urban planning devoted themselves to the topic of "Transformation in the border triangle - urban potential for the former hospital, hospital and Vogelbach area in Lörrach". The aim of the study project was to develop integrated urban development concepts for the inner-city potential areas. Based on a wide range of analyses and a future conference, development concepts with different guidelines, projects and measures were developed. In addition to ideas for building structures and the recoding of urban space, these concepts also include statements on non-investment aspects of neighborhood development, on process design, on instruments and participants, on cooperation and participation, and on social aspects. The students dealt with challenging questions: How can a new piece of the city with mixed uses and diverse offerings emerge from formerly mo-nostructured places? How can a processual development process be designed? How can diverse uses be placed in a spatial context? How can varied spatial sequences with a high atmospheric density be created? How can existing open spaces be qualified, new open spaces be created and thus completely new qualities be generated? Which implementation steps are conceivable, which impulse projects and instruments are necessary? The goal was to outline a sustainable and resilient future for the heterogeneous transformation space. The results of the projects show that there are excellent opportunities for using and transforming the existing building stock and thereby linking different urban functions in a new way. In the context of changing planning tasks, an intensive discourse is being conducted at the Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences: It understands urban planning as a co-creative process on the way to climate neutrality, creatively complex and open to change. The basis of this discourse is close cooperation between teaching, research and practice. Young perspectives on the city provide important impulses here. I would like to sincerely thank the city of Lörrach for the idea of singling out the area for a student project. Special thanks go to our graduate student Alexander Nöltner and his colleague Gerd Haasis, as well as to all others involved. I thank the students for their dedicated work and creative ideas. Sincere thanks go to the editorial and layout team for the preparation of this documentation. We wish the city of Lörrach all the best for the further planning and realization steps of the inner-city urban redevelopment. Christina Simon-Philipp Master of Urban Planning Center for Sustainable Urban Development

Selected projects from project report

stadtBUDE project

Authors: Alisa Stockburger, Andreas Schauer, Benjamin Hueber, Irina Esterlein

CoLab Factory Project

Authors: Daniel Kubica, Georg Pichlmaier, Jan Sperber, Phi Long Ngo


Authors: Jaqueline Singer, Lia Kanaki, Raphael Schlachtberger

Urban Coding Project

Authors: Babak Nejad, Ferdinand Banaditsch, Florian Dengler, Johannes Tomanek

Here you can download the complete project report