Master Urban Planning | Stuttgart Mobility Week | Summer Semester 2022

During the second Stuttgart Mobility Week, the event "110 meters Fleiner Zukunft" took place on Saturday, 17.09.2022, in Stuttgart-Rot. The street was closed to motorized individual traffic and featured various actions on the topic of sustainable mobility

Shaping sustainable mobility collectively

As part of the "MobiQ" research project, the Center for Sustainable Urban Development at the Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences (ZNS) is developing innovative concepts for sustainable mobility together with the people of Stuttgart-Rot. The aim is to reduce traffic congestion and contribute to the upgrading of public space. Co-productive methods are used to test how citizens can organize mobility together and thus gain access to social participation.


Think tank

The project kicked off in April 2022 with a think tank at the Rot community center, which took a close look at the district. The focus was on the question of where the "shoe pinches" and what needs there are. The main challenges discussed were the high volume of traffic and stationary traffic. The prevailing anonymity in the district was a major topic. In order to meet these challenges, creative ideas were collected together, which were further developed constructively and with a lot of fun in a multitude of meetings with committed citizens and different actors of the district.


Real experiment to reclaim the street

Stuttgart-Rot is dominated by cars, but the street space is more than just a roadway and parking lot. It has a forgotten potential as a space for interaction. The MobiQ project wants to take up this potential together with citizens and committed actors of the district and create space for active forms of mobility, play, stay, relax, discover, meet, exchange and participate. For this reason, the street was closed to motorized individual traffic for one day and featured many different activities on the topic of sustainable mobility for all generations. Interested people could test running bikes for adults, participate in a rollator rally and enjoy a tour with the bicycle rickshaw "Zuffka". There was also the opportunity to examine the plans for the current IBA'27 construction projects in the district. Exciting literature could be browsed at a book exchange station, and with pedalos, donkeys, glitter tattoos and various games, there was also plenty on offer for children. A Zumba activity made the visitors sweat despite the cool autumn temperatures. With delicious food and background music, new contacts were made and exciting ideas for the redesign of the street were collected.


HFTMobil in action

An eye-catcher was the HFTMobil, which was created under the auspices of the interior design course and is part of the M4_LAB creative space project. The mobile wooden construction was transported to Stuttgart-Rot for the event "110 Meter Fleiner Zukunft". Inside, visitors were able to view an exhibition of MobiQ results to date.