Design urban development | Steffen Heinz | 2nd semester | summer semester 2020

In Stuttgart Feuerbach, a factory housing estate for the Bosch company is to be built in the middle of the industrial park. The design consists of five self-contained blocks of varying density and typologies. Thanks to an overarching network, the new quarter breaks through the existing rail barrier and allows the city to grow together. The motif of the avenue marks the main traffic routes for pedestrians and cyclists. Two spacious squares with commercial use in the ground floor zone form the centre of the urban area.

In a time of declining household sizes and increasing individualisation, new forms of living are urgently needed. The Urban Complex in the centre of the neighbourhood is to be deepened as an example of this. In addition to commercial and office space, it also houses shared space apartments. Three different types of room cells for 1-2 persons will be interconnected to form different types of apartments. All other areas will be commonly shared. This reduces the space requirement considerably and thus the costs for the individual without having to forego luxury. Room cells and common areas can be read off the facade.

The work was supervised by Prof. Rebecca Chestnutt and Prof. Peter Schlaier.