Design P2 | Ayten Alamanoglu & Svenja Hörger | 2nd semester | winter semester 2016/17

A temporary roof for the Weissenhof tennis court is planned, it can be assembled and disassembled on demand within one day to provide rain protection over a large area.

When it rains, people can deploy an umbrella at short notice for cover. Similarly the tennis court is also protected from rain in this tried and tested manner. Multiple umbrellas will be used for this purpose, creating a cheerful and colourful atmosphere through their different colours.

The required number of convertible roofs in the form of "hexagonal umbrellas" is suspended in a pre-tensioned spatial network of radial steel cables. Closed at first, they can be opened electrically.

The cable net rests on guyed supports and is fixed to the ground with guy ropes. To prevent rain from penetrating through the individual umbrellas, they are arranged on different levels and in overlapping manner.

The work was supervised by Prof. Tobias Wulf.