Design P1 | Büsra Yildiz | 1st semester | summer semester 2019

For the planning of the Muslim prayer room, the aim is to complement the spiritual atmosphere and religious diversity of the hospital quarter.

From this evolves the concept, three angled structures of different heights and sizes, each integrating different areas and functions.

The rammed earth wall creates two distinctive entrance areas. The inner courtyard with a fig tree, which represents the Ummah, is a meeting point, gathering place and exchange for the visitors. As a counterpart, a resting place exists in the interior of the building with an area of water as a retreat. A spiritual preparation for prayer is created by the path to the prayer rooms. The visitor is given time to purify, to find, to distance himself from the stressful world so that he can build up a meditative concentration for prayer.

The structures are made of rammed earth, which can be reused after deconstruction without loss of quality or simply returned to nature. The small and narrow openings emphasize the introversion of the building.

The work was supervised by Prof. Peter Schlaier and Prof. Tobias Wulf.