Design with a focus on space | Evelyn Göckler | 2nd semester | summer semester 2020

The Fruchtkasten, one of the oldest and most important buildings in Herrenberg's old town, is to be renovated and given a new function to become the heart of the city. In the course of the renovation, the old beauty and openness of the former rooms is to be regained. The newly introduced functions will increase the attractiveness and the Fruchtkasten will thus become the first point of contact and meeting place for residents and tourists. New functions that the building will include are the exhibition areas that will bring the history of the city closer to visitors. In addition, a market hall in the building is being considered in order to reintegrate the old function of the Fruchtkasten (storage/storage location for regional products) into the building. In the market and exhibition area, furniture will be used above all to generate multifunctional spaces. By using loose furniture, the exhibition areas can be redesigned and rearranged flexibly and as required. In the event of a future change of use, the Fruchtkasten can be converted in a speedy manner.

The work was supervised by Prof. Michel Roeder.