Design P1 | Jonas Höpfl | 1st semester | winter semester 2017/18

Backstage - New backdrop house for the Stuttgart Opera

The "Kleine Haus" (“small house” for theatre performances) has been extensively renovated in recent years, renovation of the "Große Haus" (“large house” for opera performances) is scheduled over the next few years.

The list of rooms includes the areas of stage design, costumes and make-up. This concerns workshops for building props and stage sets—some of them large-format—assembly rooms and studios, as well as providing the actors with costumes and masks. For this purpose, a room program of about 5,400 m² is required, with room heights of up to 8 m.

When designing the building, the logistic process must be taken into account, ranging from delivery to production to the performance venue, including all corresponding transport routes.

In addition to the functional challenge, the goal is finding the appropriate architectural expression for a service building in the realm of high culture, sustainably coping with the demanding situation of urban development.

The work was supervised by Prof. Tobias Wulf.