Design City | Stefanie Schermann | 4th semester | summer semester 2023

The new architecture of the former Bietigheimer Zeitung is clearly positioned in the street space. The orientation towards Talstrasse and Mühlwiesenstrasse (corner situation) creates spatial references to the old town and the adjacent, large-structured district. The creative center serves as an architectural link and mediator, breaking through the threshold between the old town and the large structures and reclaiming the street space.
By creating a high point, a clear address is formed, so that the creative center stands as a marker and first building block for a new cultural and creative quarter that will emerge in the future - a quarter that can develop and evolve from the existing large-scale structures.
In addition to the spatial gain, the design also generates great cultural and functional added value. Thematically, the architecture ties in with Bietigheim's creative culture. As a new place of community, communication and creativity, the design forms a new cultural point of contact. The theme of community can be experienced in a variety of ways at all levels, be it as a creative culture, a large residential community or as an association for the joint maintenance of the roof garden. In this way, the place and the people regain their identity and community.

The work was supervised by Prof. Jens Oberst and Prof. Gunther Laux.