Elective subject Self-Construction Project | Students of Architecture and Interior Architectural Design | Final design for implementation by Irini Anastasiou and Lotta Blind | summer semester 2021

The students developed a design for a pavilion based on a scaffolding system.

Each group of two first worked out a design, then the best one was selected for implementation. During the lecture-free period, the project group was committed to turning this design into reality. From approval, financing and sponsoring to public relations, everything was in the hands of the students.

The result was an open, colorful scaffolding pavilion that was erected in October 2021 and used as an event and exhibition space.

The pavilion was built in the Stadtgarten and thus in the direct vicinity of the HFT Stuttgart. It became an event stage to jointly celebrate the reopening of the presence university for the winter semester after the long period of pandemic-related online teaching.

The pavilion was the exhibition venue for the best student theses and dissertations of the previous year, which had already been published in a digital BEST OF 2020 exhibition. These works were brought into the pavilion via QR codes. 200 discarded cardboard tubes from newspaper printing plants were hung in the pavilion for this purpose. Each cardboard tube carried a QR code via which one best student work was shown. In total, numerous works from all courses of study of the faculty were presented. The exhibition concept for this was developed under the direction of Prof. Andreas Kretzer.

Behind the whole project there was a sustainable concept: the cardboard tubes were recycled, the scaffolding elements were borrowed, and the colored stage gauze, which was also used, came from leftover stocks of the manufacturer, which were to be reused after dismantling. The aim was that the materials could be dismantled back into their individual parts and reused according to the cradle-to-cradle principle.

The project was supervised by Prof. Benedikt Bosch, Prof. Andreas Kretzer and Prof. Harald Roser.