Bachelor Thesis | Prisca Schulz | 6th semester | summer semester 2023

This design for a new rowing club in Stuttgart follows the approach that the various functional areas are not stacked, as is often the case with historic boathouses, but are arranged next to each other in several individual buildings. This creates open spaces between the buildings in which the various user groups can deliberately meet. At the same time, orientation is simplified for visitors and athletes, as the functions of the buildings are clearly visible from the outside.

The individual structures line up along the edge of the bank with seemingly random projections and recesses, creating an analogy to the boats already lying in the water at the same location. The clear alignment of the gabled roofs in a north-south direction creates a link to the water and also to the other side of the Neckar.

By lining up, shifting towards each other and interlocking, the individual houses create an ensemble that can exist alongside the large-scale hall buildings in the immediate vicinity. At the same time, the small gabled buildings create a pleasant sense of scale in the landscape context and thus enable an interlocking with the open space, as well as views of the river and the vineyards opposite.

The Bachelor Thesis was supervised by Prof. Peter Schlaier & Prof. Martin Stumpf.