Bachelor Thesis | Carolina Kern | 6th semester | winter semester 2018/19

A mixed use is planned for the property, consisting of 75% residential and 25% commercial use. The general aim is to achieve an apartment mix consisting mostly of 3 to 4-room apartments. Square footage is ranging from around 75 to 80 m² to approx. 90 to 120 m². The spectrum of offered residences is rounded off by a smaller amount of 2-room and 5-room apartments. Goal is to have as many apartments with direct water views as possible. At least one private open space in the form of a garden, terrace, balcony or loggia is desired for each apartment—regardless the number of rooms or size. Since this is not a typical office location, studios and workshops for fashion, architects, photographers, designers, artists, etc. or even gastronomic use is plausible. Lastly, the landscape design is to be developed in conjunction with the buildings and the public riverside path.

The work was supervised by Prof. Sebastian Jehle.