Bachelor Thesis | Johannes Tolksdorf | 6th semester | winter semester 2018/19

Growing demand for dance performance offerings in the vicinity made the city of Marbach plan a school for dance performance and acrobatics. The school should offer a combination of general school education and job training. For remote students 80 boarding school places are to be provided. A design goal is to integrate existing schools with their education into the dancers’ training. In the dance school complex, a clear and visitor-friendly accessibility is to be created in order to avoid overlap of entrance zones for visitors and artists and to create a spatial generosity in the entrance area.

A school that trains performing dancers has the ambition to simulate the artistic atmosphere of a theatre in its rooms. The most spacious hall serves as the heart of the building and enables stage-appropriate performances.

Two classroom-like rooms near the boarding school area are planned for all-day care. The boarding school is designed as a closed and autonomous functional area and is aimed for a capacity of 35 double rooms. A cafeteria and an eat-in kitchen on each floor complete the concept. In order to provide open air rehearsals for the dance students, a plain area with a mobile dance floor is provided on the property.

The work was supervised by Prof. Rebecca Chestnutt.