Design ETW 3 | Leonard Jansen | 3rd semester | summer semester 2023

The design for the cattle auction facility in St. Gallen was created with the aim of optimally meeting the specific requirements of the brown cattle trade. Situated in a picturesque valley basin, the site combines a variety of functions - from gates and parking areas to a manure silo and the central auction hall.
The careful arrangement of these elements in a linear structure blends seamlessly into the idyllic landscape and cleverly takes into account existing structures such as the adjacent highway, a railroad line and a meandering body of water. This well thought-out integration of the auction site reflects the character of the surroundings and gives the location a deep sense of connection.

At the heart of this complex is the auction hall, which not only defines a new landscape form, but also blends dynamically and harmoniously into the surroundings. The use of different levels and targeted openings in the façade creates an exciting spatial structure that is enriched by an interplay of light and shadow. These architectural subtleties make a significant contribution to creating an inviting and functional atmosphere that serves the trade and exchange around the brown cattle.

The work was supervised by Prof. Benno Bauer.