Ansicht des Ausstellungsraums

"How do we want to house in the future?"

Exhibition of term papers until 22 May 2022

As part of their semester project, students in the third semester of the interior design programme at HFT Stuttgart were looking for new ways to make alternative forms of living attractive.

How much living space do we actually need? In view of the ecological and economic upheavals, do we need to reduce individual living space and rethink living space sizes? Can we create more social cohesion with more communal living space? Can community meeting places solve the increasing social isolation in our society? What conditions must be in place to enable mutual support or the sharing of things? What offers and spaces are needed so that everyone feels welcome and integrated? How can we live in harmony with nature in the city? How much green can a house tolerate? Can farm animals also live in the city? These are just a few of the questions that the 40 or so students have dealt with and tried to find solutions to. Five works are now on display on the lab stage as part of this 4-week exhibition. They are intended to stimulate thought, reconsideration, but above all discussion, to rethink living together in urban neighborhoods.

This exhibition is about ideas and stimulation based on the new development. The current planning for the "Am Rotweg" neighborhood can be found at

At the end of April the exhibition was presented individually by Mr. Gebler / BGNH, Prof. Diane Ziegler and the participating students of the 5 selected teams and opened for the neighborhood.

Team Green House Maike Kössler & Alica Huth
Team Allerlei Anna Bacher & Maria Magdalena Dathe
Team Trapez Elena Czeschner & Joy Weiss
Team Haus Fred und Fida Tamara Kiefer & Tahle Kraft
Team Du, ich, wir, vielfältig ist bunt Anna Schmid & Stefanie Müller-Attinger

At the opening, questions and possibilities of use were discussed with the visitors (students of the HFT Stuttgart, architects, residents, Wohlfahrtswerk/ Else-Heydlauf-Stiftung, BGNH ...) in an exciting way and full of further suggestions.

Exhibition venue
Quartier am Rotweg I Laborbühne
Between Fleiner Straße 9 and Rotweg 70 in 70437 Stuttgart Rot

Take a look at the lab stage. The exhibition will run until May 22, 2022!

Text: Heike Rittler

Publish date: 04. May 2022