Stadtbude Lörrach – Visualisierung Sheddow Halle

Students are among the winners of the Wissensnetzwerk Stadt und Handel e.V. competition.

With their project "stadtBude Lörrach", the students Benjamin Hueber, Irina Esterlein, Andreas Schauer and Alisa Stockburger of the Master's programme in Urban Planning were able to convince the jury

The work is among the best 5 submitted works. The award ceremony with announcement of the ranking will take place on 28 and 29 November 2022 during the 43rd urbanicom study conference in Fürth.

In the course of the transformation of the Lörrach hospital and Vogelbach area, a place is to be created on the former sites where people of all ages and backgrounds with different professions and different lifestyles can come together, meet each other, and drive joint projects forward.

The stadtBUDE forms an antipole to the strongly consumer-oriented inner city and, in doing so, lays the foundation for the transformation with its low-threshold offerings, the small-scale and "inviting" urban design, and the charming handling of individual building relics. At the same time, stadtBUDE picks up on Lörrach's special location as a neighboring municipality of the Swiss city of Basel as well as its proximity to France and sets itself the goal of deepening the existing geographic neighborhoods on an economic and cultural level as well. For example, a "Lifescience" research center is to be created in the stadtBUDE, which will expand the pharmaceutical cluster in and around Basel, while at the same time providing for young talent by creating places to try things out and experiment. However, the special nature of the three-country corner is also to be felt directly in the stadtBUDE by converting space in the former hospital building for so-called TriNations pop-up stores. However, not only the linking of different nations, but also of different generations will be deliberately promoted in the stadtBUDE. In line with the motto "synergies instead of loneliness," the neighborhood's own "Quantine" in the "Feel-Good-Granny-Café" prepares rescued food into delicious meals by senior citizens in cooperation with students and serves them together. The BudenBrauerei "BuBi", as a cross-generational brewery project, also relies on this type of cooperation and thus offers the older generation in particular new exciting fields of activity, leisure activities and a corresponding social network, which can ultimately contribute to increasing the quality of life. The process-oriented concept provides for the development of the open space first, before the urban development band is added. The open space development aims in particular at the unsealing of the area as well as the formation of open spaces with different qualities. Thus, the open space along the commercial canal is more natural, while the open spaces oriented to the city center have urban qualities.

The work was created in the course Integrated Study Project Urban Renewal in the summer semester of 2022 under the direction of Professor Dr.-Ing. Christina Simon-Philipp.

"The students dealt with challenging, cross-scale issues of urban renewal in the inner city of Lörrach. The project exemplifies the goals of future urban renewal: This deals responsibly with resources while meeting economic, societal, social and cultural requirements. It becomes clear that there are excellent opportunities to use and transform the existing building stock and thereby to link different urban functions in Lörrach in a new way. The project approach understands urban planning as a co-creative process on the way to climate neutrality, creatively complex and open to change," says Professor Dr.-Ing. Christina Simon-Philipp.

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Congratulations to all students on their successful participation in the competition!

Publish date: 19. October 2022