Mikala Holme Samsøe bei der Moderation der Vorträge

Review of the Point 7 Lectures at the HFT Stuttgart

Lectures in November 2019

With last year's lectures as part of the Point 7 series under the motto ‘Heading North’, we explored how our northern neighbours in Denmark manage to use architecture in Copenhagen in a way frequently gaining their capital the title of ‘most liveable city in the world’.
All three speakers from reputable Copenhagen architectural offices are dedicated to this goal. They also answered the pressing questions of mobility, bicycle traffic, sustainability and the use of resources in different ways. Mads Birgens from COBE Architekten used projects to illustrate how the architectural firm creates solutions for mobility, flood protection and resource conservation. Mette Skjold reported on how SLA Architekten designs in a way based on nature. Nature and biodiversity are integrated into the city to counteract air pollution and improve the environment’s quality for city dwellers. ‘Cities should function and feel like a forest,’ says Mette Skjold.
Søren Nielsen of Vandkunsten Architekten explained his position on climate-friendly architecture based on the postulates of the 15th BDA Day. Using projects as examples, he explained how the office conserves resources by reusing building materials and planning for the possibility of recycling in new buildings.

The Point 7 series has been held since 2004 every winter semester at the University of Applied Sciences. We would like to thank the Knödler-Decker Foundation for their kind support.

Organizer: HFT Stuttgart, Prof. Michel Roeder, Mikala Holme Samsøe (substitute professor)
Organization: Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Cornelia Jänicke

Publish date: 11. November 2019