Studierende fängt Bälle mit Papierkleid

Preparation Week | Review

Sterntaler 2.0

At the beginning of the programme, all first-year students of the Bachelor's programmes start with the preparatory week at our university. In addition to workshops on work and learning techniques, the organisation of courses and time management, all students work in teams on a joint project task.

Students from the Bachelor's degree course in Architecture designed and produced a robe under the title STERNTALER 2.0. The question posed in reference to the fairy tale was: What would the dress look like if an architect had designed it? In keeping with the story, the garment was to be made of a simple material, waste paper, a byproduct of newspaper printing. The manufactured garment was to prove its functionality at the presentation on the preparatory week's last day. Instead of star coins, it rained foam balls at the final presentation, which were hurled from the third floor into the atrium by a compressed air-driven catapult. One group member had the task of catching as many balls as possible with the dress. During the presentation and subsequent evaluation by the jury there were many outstanding results and lots of fun.

The project was supervised by Prof. Markus Binder, trainers and tutors.


Publish date: 23. August 2019