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New publications on the Solar Decathlon Europe 21/22 competition

Two new publications present the exciting international university contributions.

After almost 3 years of preparation, the coLLab team from HFT Stuttgart entered the Solar Decathlon Europe 21/22 in May 2022 with their contribution to an urban, ecological redensification in Wuppertal and successfully competed in the solar decathlon against 17 other international student teams.
The two new publications present the diverse international university contributions.

Interdisciplinary university project
The interdisciplinary project headed by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jan Cremers and involving professors, research staff at the HFT Stuttgart and cooperation partners from industry chose the option of adding a storey. The choice fell on Building 5, a building on the campus of the HFT Stuttgart, which was to be renovated at the same time as the increase in height.

The Vision
The intended goal was to create a vibrant neighborhood and foster community: By creating collaborative spaces such as co-working spaces, community workshops, seminars and a café on the one hand, and new housing - including for students and low-income user groups - on the other.

In addition, a focus was placed on the sustainability of the building. The energy and façade concept took this into account: the façade cladding was made of recycled wood, organic PV (OPV) collectors formed the outer building envelope on three sides of the building, the lower part of the façade was greened, and a solar chimney supported natural ventilation.

This concept was illustrated on a small scale by four modules built on site, the demonstrator. This was put to the test in June 2022 at the Wuppertal venue and successfully demonstrated its functional capability in tests and measurements carried out. The results of the entire project are impressive.

Numerous prizes & awards
The project won first prize in the "Engineering & Construction" discipline, fourth prize in the Communication & Education (CESA) discipline, second place in the Timber Construction Award and the Indoor Air Quality Award, third place in the Building for Future Award and the Applied Mobility Sciences Award. Furthermore, second place in the Sustainable Architectural Lighting Award, and third place in the Human Centered Interior Architecture Award, which were awarded together. In the People's Choice Award, where the public voted for the most popular house, the coLLab house took third place. Last but not least, the coLLab team won the Student Prize in the international competition "Architecture Prize Building Integrated Solar Technology 2022".


Book with all competition entries

The Bergische Universität Wuppertal makes the book available free of charge in English on its website.
Here is the direct link:

Book with all seven German contributions

This book is made available for free download through the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT).
Here is the direct link: https: //

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