Grafik für die Summer School 2022 an der HFT Stuttgart

MetamorphoCity – Summer School 2022 at HFT Stuttgart

International Workshop of the Faculty of Architecture and Design

Stuttgart is a car city in both a positive and negative sense. We are proud of the icons of the car industry created by Mercedes and Porsche and at the same time we experience particularly strongly the disadvantages of the car in terms of urban space, health, costs and climate.
The cityscape is significantly shaped by infrastructure created for car use, such as roads, tunnels, parking garages, but other means of transport such as railroads and streetcars also left visible traces in the city.

The vision – a metamorphosis for a people-oriented city
The experimental and playful redesign, the metamorphosis of structural relics of changing and outdated forms of mobility is the focus of the Summer School 2022 at HFT Stuttgart. The vision is to be able to create a resilient living space for people.

Who is involved in the Summer School?
The Summer School is an international workshop with students and professors from the Faculty of Architecture and Design and participants from our partner universities in Barcelona, Cardiff, Istanbul, Jönköping, Krakow, Nantes, Riga, Rome and the University of Stuttgart. Interested parties from other international universities are also welcome.

Daily lectures by local and international experts provide impulses and suggestions for a creative design process.

The questions at stake
How can we use the spatial and material resources of outdated forms of mobility in a sustainable way to transform the city into a resilient living space? What is the impact of the new mobility on the design of the city, its spaces and its material structures? What forms of mobility serve the development of a sustainable, green and resilient city? How can we turn the car-friendly city into a people-friendly city?

Non-places become a field of experimentation
Seven specific non-places in Stuttgart will become a field of experimentation. Through analysis, rethinking and playful, provisional redesigning, the participants will search for answers to these questions in mixed, small groups. They will use recyclable and upcyclable materials such as scaffolding, tents, wooden slats, furniture and paint.
The results of the workshop will be made visible at the end in a central pavilion on the campus of HFT Stuttgart.

24 July – 06 August 2022

2 weeks

Who can participate
Students of Architecture, Infrastructure Management, Interior Architecture, ClimateEngineering, Smart City Solutions, Urban Planning and all other courses related to the topic

Participant selection
Motivation and previous knowledge will be taken into account in the selection process.

300 euros for HFT students, 600 euros for students from our partner universities. Included are costs for lectures, excursions, material and two common meals.

Those who travel from abroad in a climate-friendly manner can receive financial support upon informal application. Further financial support is available upon request until 30 April 2022.

4 ECTS, participation certificate

Prolonged until 15 May 2022

Please fill in the application form and formulate a motivation letter. The motivation letter should contain about 2700 – 3700 characters, with spaces, and describe your motivation to participate and important stages of your curriculum vitae.

Please send the application form and the letter of motivation by 15 May 2022 to

The Summer School is a regular event of the HFT Stuttgart under the direction of the Rector Prof. Dr. Katja Rade and is hosted this year by the Faculty of Architecture and Design.

Project coordination and contact persons
Pia Klein and Christin Gegner email: summerschool(at)


Programme points

Day 1      arrival
Day 2      welcome, getting to know the university and city tour through Stuttgart, communal welcome dinner together
Day 3      keynote lectures, experience Stuttgart by bike
Day 4      keynote lectures, e-bike tour of Stuttgart's periphery with a visit to the Weissenhof estate and Porsche Museum
Day 5      keynote lectures, use and analysis of public transport in Stuttgart, visit the construction site Stuttgart 21
                and Mercedes-Benz Museum
Day 6      keynote lecture, project work in small groups
Day 7      E-car sharing tour, visit to Zeppelin Museum in Friedrichshafen
Day 8      Experience Stuttgart and the surrounding area, canoe trip
Day 9      keynote lecture, project work in small groups
Day 10    keynote lecture, project work in small groups, picnic and tower climb the tower in Killesberg Park Stuttgart
Day 11    keynote lecture, project work in small groups, visit the TV tower Stuttgart 
Day 12    Project work in small groups
Day 13    Presentation of results and farewell lunch
Day 14    Departure

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