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Multiple prizes at 0711 Contest 2021

Students from the Architecture, Interior Design, ClimateEngineering and Urban Planning programmes win no fewer than six awards in the Student Development Award

For this year's student award, the Chamber of Architects of Baden- Württemberg was looking for outstanding student work dealing with topics of the city of Stuttgart. The FIVE Stuttgart chamber groups once again donated a sponsorship award for this purpose.

Students of the Faculty of Architecture and Design responded to this invitation by submitting numerous works, eleven of which made it into the second round of applications. The result is impressive: A total of two 1st prizes, one 2nd prize and three recognitions were achieved! The prize money of 5000 euros was distributed among the best 15 design and final theses from the four participating universities: Stuttgart University, Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences, Nürtingen-Geislingen University of Applied Sciences and Stuttgart State Academy of Fine Arts. As the aim of the competition, the Chamber of Architects formulates: "The know-how of the universities for building culture, urban and regional development, landscape and environmental planning in Stuttgart and the region should be opened up and used for the public debates on the urban and architectural development of the city and region of Stuttgart." The competition was held under the patronage of the building mayor of Stuttgart, Peter Pätzold, and is held every two years.

The jury awarded the following projects

1st Prize Interim Opera Stuttgart - Temporary opera at the Wagenhallen
Author: Ruben Mast
Master's programme in Architecture
Supervised by: Prof. Tobias Wulf, Prof. Dr-Ing. Gunther Laux

As part of the new Rosenstein Quarter, a new urban quarter is being created with the "Maker City" on the site of the Wagenhallen. The design envisages a clear, detached structure that is prominently positioned in the urban development situation at the Wagenhallen, but still allows an unobstructed view of the Wagenhallen and, above all, the complete preservation of the Containercity.

1st prize: Cooperation project MAKE 20, design title "Structure and frame - New garden of the Immanuel Grözinger House"
Authors: Marie Rünzi, Simon Schäckeler
International Master of Interior-Architectural Design (IMIAD) and Bachelor's programme in ClimateEngineering
Supervised by: Prof. Jens Betha, Prof. Volkmar Bleicher, Prof. Ralf Petersen, Anna Wöllhaf, Prof. Diane Ziegler

The Immanuel-Grözinger-Haus in Stuttgart-Rot, run by the evangelical society EVA, serves as a residential home for single men who are in particular social difficulties. Directly adjacent to the Immanuel-Grözinger-Haus is the garden created by its residents themselves, with workshops, greenhouses, flower beds, a beehive, a bakehouse and various communal areas. However, due to a housing project within the framework of the IBA, the garden of the Immanuel-Grözinger-Haus has to move from its current location and is to be re-planned on a nearby plot of land. The intention is to create a place of retreat that at the same time offers the men employment and support in everyday life.

2nd prize: "Garden above the roofs - greenhouse on the roof of the Hofdiener Garage Stuttgart"
Authors: Gordon Geiger, Eric Stoye, Tom Weber
Bachelor's programme in Architecture
Supervised by: Prof. Lutz Dickmann, Prof. Peter Schlaier, Prof. Juri Troy

In the design of the fourth study semester the topic steel construction is deepened. The task specified the planning of a greenhouse with restaurant and lounge areas on the roof of the court servants' garage in Stuttgart. The concept idea of the design is a structural forest, which should combine efficient working with a great spatial experience.

Recognition: Glorious Hubs, design title "TAMMbularasa - Tamm blossoms up"
Authors: Chris Philipp, Jan Tondera, Rosa Walz, Milan Wittrock, Yannik Zelenka
Master's programme in Architecture and Master's programme in Urban Planning
Supervised by: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Philipp Dechow

We need a world in which land is used sparingly and sustainably as a finite resource. In which society is less insistent on appropriation and more willing to work together to save the ONE world instead of continuing to litter and usurp it. The great TAMMbularasa lives this consciousness and this new form of society. Taking into account the idea of sustainability, the basic idea of the work builds on the existing structures of Tamm.

Recognition: Project student residence in row house settlement Rotweg, design title "Slides - from row house to student residence"
Author: Marie Rünzi
International Master of Interior-Architectural Design (IMIAD)
Supervised by: Prof. Jens Betha, Prof. Wolfgang Grillitsch

The row house settlement in Rotweg in Stuttgart Rot is about to be demolished. Built in the forties, former row house settlements are dying out. The generation that moved into the buildings back then is slowly disappearing and no new tenants are coming. But demolition cannot be the right solution. How can row house estates be made attractive for the next generation through conversion? How do young people live? How much privacy is necessary for a student to feel comfortable and how important is the company of others? The design is dedicated to the tension between privacy and community.

Recognition: Project Glorious Hubs, design title "Greenliving - Living in the Park"
Author: Julia Müller
Master's programme in Architecture
Supervised by: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gunther Laux, Prof. Harald Roser, Prof. Horst Sondermann

The new quarter "Greenliving" combines co-living and living in a minimal space. The individual groups of houses are connected by exterior staircases, which can be used as small open-air areas in addition to the private balcony and strengthen the neighbourhood feeling. The grouping of the individual houses creates a semi-public neighbourhood courtyard in the middle, which can be used for urban gardening, for example.

We congratulate our students on these successes!

A double congratulation goes to Marie Rünzi from the International Master of Interior-Architectural Design (IMIAD) programme, who can look forward to two awards at once. We would also like to thank all the supervising teachers for their dedicated support of the submitted works.

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Text source: Baden-Württemberg Chamber of Architects

Publish date: 19. July 2021 By Cornelia Jänicke ()