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International IMIAD Workshop 2024: Living Lab Ingersheim

Youth Hangout Ingersheim - a living lab in the research project "Stuttgart 210: think ahead - continue building!"

The study programme of International Master of Interior-Architectural Design (imiad) will host a two-week international workshop with students from HFT Stuttgart and the partner universities CEPT Ahmedabad/India and ITÜ Istanbul/Turkiye in summer 2024 from 8 to 19 July. In contrast to conventional summer schools at architecture faculties, this workshop will not take place in a drawing room or seminar room. Instead, participants will have the opportunity to participate in the implementation of a real construction project.

More information about "Stuttgart 210 think ahead - build ahead!"

A team of architects and engineers from the universities of Konstanz, Stuttgart and Karlsruhe are working with proHolz Baden-Württemberg to repurpose concrete formwork from the construction site of the new central station in Stuttgart and are investigating ways to reuse these auxiliary building tools as part of various living labs. In July 2024, the „Youth Hangout Ingersheim“ living lab will be built as a design-build project as part of an international workshop together with 43 students from three partner universities (CEPT, ITU and HFT) of the imiad master’s program at the University of Applied Sciences Stuttgart. The design is characterised by a spectacular interior, which is characterised by the wooden surfaces of the cleaned formwork elements.

The workshop is being organised by Prof. Andreas Kretzer and Dipl. Des. Melissa Acker in close cooperation with the research team “Stuttgart210” and the municipality of Ingersheim.

Many thanks to the Association of Friends of HFT, the Knödler-Decker Foundation, Häfele, Würth and all other project partners, volunteers and participating companies.

Friday, July 12, 2024, 6:00 pm, Römerkastell, Stuttgart

After the first half of the workshop, a lecture evening with impulses on circular building and the future of timber construction will take place in the HÄFELE BLACKBOX in Römerkastell Stuttgart.


Prof. Margit Sichrovsky
| LXSY Architekten, Berlin | HFT Stuttgart
Circular Building Design: Strategies and Tools
For us, architecture offers a way of searching the built environment for solutions to the most pressing social, societal, economic and ecological challenges of our time. True originality and creativity emerges when human coexistence, our immediate environment and our global context are taken into account.

Prof. Stefan Krötsch | Klingelhöfer Krötsch Architekten, Munich | HTWG Konstanz
Architecture, wood and other challenges
Wood could be the perfect material for future challenges in the construction sector. Unfortunately, you usually need a lot of concrete to build with wood. This is where architecture needs to find new ways into the future.

More information and free of charge registration


Friday, July 19, 7:00 pm, Fischerwörth, Ingersheim

The building will be erected or largely completed during the second week of the workshop and inaugurated at a joint farewell party on July 19. The results of the research project and the real-world laboratory will be presented to the public in an exhibition at the Stadtpalais Stuttgart at the end of 2024 and recorded in a documentation.


Event Links
Hump Day @ Häfele Blackbox
Inauguration and Farewell Party


Publish date: 12. July 2024