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Hannah Schick achieved 3rd place in the BauNetz "Campus Masters" competition

The graduate of the Bachelor's Degree Programme in Interior Design was convincing with her thesis "Corners and Edges" from the summer semester, supervised by Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Monika Joos-Keller.

A total of three places and one jury prize were awarded for the diverse submissions on the focus "Designs with Social Criticism". Congratulations on this award!

Amid the hustle and bustle of downtown Stuttgart, personal contacts are often lost. Anonymity seems to gain the upper hand. How often do people know their neighborhood? Is there even enough space to be able to form and maintain a community? This is precisely where the "Ecken und Kanten" project comes in, promoting communal living in downtown Stuttgart.
At the neglected Joseph-Süß-Oppenheim-Platz, behind the busy Königsstraße, is the existing office building "Neue Brücke 08" from the post-war period. To counteract the dreary backyard character, this site is to be revitalized. Valuable places for communal living will be created and give Stuttgart's city center a new quality. A transparent framework will be placed over the existing building and will offer space for meeting and communication. "Neue Brücke 08" gets a second shell, which fits to the thermally existing one. Essential structures, as well as the stair and elevator core, the classic ribbon façade and the first floor are retained. The overall design is based on the skeleton building's shell grid, creating two apartment types, each with eight apartments per floor.
"Corners and Edges" promotes community while ensuring private retreats that provide space for individuality and personal development. Clear zoning between public, private and community-promoting areas is critical to creating a harmonious atmosphere within the building. In the center of the building are community-promoting areas where activities such as communal washing, cooking and socializing can take place. In addition, bay windows in the arcades create meeting places that offer residents additional opportunities to get in touch with each other and exchange ideas. A green oasis awaits residents on the top floor, where they can enjoy light, air and sun under the pergola of the scaffolding. The first floor area will become a meeting space. A community project will be created here, open to the public and enlivened by creative spaces and small exhibition venues. Repurposing existing buildings is critical to a sustainable and quality future. There are numerous neglected and forgotten places in our inner cities that need new design and revitalization. "Corners and Edges" will make Stuttgart's city center a fun place to live and create neighborhood stories.

Text: Hannah Schick

More about the competition: www.baunetz-campus.de/campus-masters

Publish date: 11. September 2023