Wettbewerbsbeitrag Hubschrauberlandeplatz Neubau Katharinenhospital

Successful participation in ideas and design competition "Helipad – New construction Katharinenhospital"

Students from the Architecture and Civil Engineering programmes achieve 2nd and 3rd prize as well as several purchases

For the design of a new helipad at Katharinenhospital, Klinikum Stuttgart launched an ideas and design competition for students of Architecture and Civil Engineering. The new construction of the Katharinenhospital required the redesign of the landing pad above the hospital building. Due to its exposed location, the helipad is a distinctive feature of the cityscape and so the design had to combine functionality, construction and aesthetics.

Students from the HFT Stuttgart, the University of Stuttgart and the Academy of Fine Arts Stuttgart took up the challenge with a total of 11 designs.

The jury, chaired by Wolfgang Riehle, architect and urban planner and former president of the Baden-Württemberg Chamber of Architects, selected an entry from the University of Stuttgart as the winning design. The 2nd and 3rd prizes went to designs by students of the HFT Stuttgart, awarded with 1500 € and 1000 € respectively. In addition, the students of the HFT Stuttgart achieved three out of five purchases.

The designs are the results of an elective course from the summer semester 2022. In this cooperative project of the Bachelor and Master degree programme in Architecture with the Bachelor degree programme in Civil Engineering, the students worked together on a project in teams of three – each composed of students from both disciplines. The lecturers Prof. Ralf Petersen and Prof. Dr.-Ing. Martin Stumpf (Faculty of Architecture and Design) as well as Prof. Dr.-Ing. Heiner Hartmann and Prof. Dr.-Ing. Roland Fink (Faculty of Civil Engineering, Building Physics and Economics) supervised the project.

Achieved prices

2nd prize, awarded with 1500 Euro
Jonas Hauf, Master degree programme in Architecture | Louisa Lipski, Bachelor degree programme in Civil Engineering | Julian Schnizler, Bachelor degree programme in Civil Engineering | HFT Stuttgart


3rd prize, awarded with 1000 Euro
Rudolf Huber, Bachelor degree programme in Civil Engineering | Fabio Miglietta, Bachelor degree programme in Architecture | Jonas Stotz, Bachelor degree programme in Civil Engineering | HFT Stuttgart

The award ceremony took place on January 09, 2023 with the chairman of the board of the Klinikum Stuttgart, Prof. Jan Steffen Jürgensen, the chairman of the building committee of the Klinikum Stuttgart, Prof. Christoph Ehrhardt and Stuttgart's hospital mayor Thomas Fuhrmann in the Stuttgart City Hall.

The designs will be on display at Stuttgart City Hall until Jan. 30, 2023. Here you can find the dates and opening hours for the exhibition.

More information about the competition can be found on the website of Klinikum Stuttgart.

Congratulations to all successful participants!

Publish date: 12. January 2023 By Annabel Angus (), Cornelia Jänicke ()