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Three winners at the same time in the AIV student competition "Bau-Kultur-Forum" (Building-Culture-Forum)

The jury awarded the designs of the students from the Master's degree programme in architecture with two 1st prizes and one commendation

The total of 24 participants from five universities developed ideas for a centre for building culture on the building site of the cultural institutions between Königstraße, the opera, the Altes Schloss, the Kunstverein and the state parliament. The Stuttgart Association of Architects and Engineers e.V. (AIV) launched this student ideas competition.

Nils Frank, Nathalie Buschow and Gilles Wohlleber presented exciting solutions with their diverse contributions. The successful designs were created in the course "Design Space" under the supervision of Prof. Jens Oberst.

Design by Nils Frank, 1st prize

Excerpt from the minutes of the jury
"The urbanistic setting of the slender and pavilion-like bridge structure is full of symbolism: The "bridge" connects the upper with the middle Schlossgarten across the Schillerstraße (which will be reconstructed in the medium term) and replaces the previous footbridge. The narrow, elongated form of the building along the longitudinal axis of the palace garden creates a convincing green network and - in keeping with the importance of the forum - gives the building a highly visible presence, especially across the valley. The use as a synergetic and interdisciplinary forum for architecture and engineering also connects the professions in their efforts for more building culture through the flowing spatial concept without territorial separation."

Design by Gilles Wohlleber, 1st prize

Excerpt from the minutes of the jury
"Visible from afar in the historic axis of the New Palace, the tower-like structure is positioned centrally in the Upper Palace Garden. The vertical organization of the uses minimizes the use of space in the Upper Castle Garden without impairing the existing visual axes and visual relationships. The height of 100 m allows a view of the historic city center and the surrounding area. The positioning of the two building cores responds consistently to the historic axis. A clever windmill-like arrangement of the cores results in different spatial zoning that continues vertically in a spiral. On the one hand, this results in attractive multi-story spatial volumes for a wide variety of uses and galleries with internal view relationships over several stories. On the other hand, the exhibition and event spaces thus merge with design and technical thematic areas - entirely in keeping with the task in hand."

Design by Nathalie Buschow, recognition

Excerpt from the minutes of the jury
"The author proposes a longitudinal rectangular volume in the northern construction field in extension of the front side of the Bonatz Building. The location of the Bau-Kultur-Forum connects the traffic-calmed Schillerstraße with the terrain wave of the new underground station to the north. The open staircase, which is integrated into the path system of the Schlossgarten, cleverly bridges the topographical terrain jump to the green roof of the new central station. The consistent longitudinal orientation of the structure opens the open space to the north, but at the same time forms a strong barrier in the diagonal view relationships."

We congratulate the students on this success!

Here you can find all the award-winning entries.

Exhibition at the HFT Stuttgart

On view until April 10, 2022

Exhibition venue
HFT Stuttgart
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