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First prize in the aed young talent competition for student project »Tonis Ladencafe«

For the ninth time, the aed announced the interdisciplinary "neuland" competition for young designers. Out of a total of 240 submissions, a student project from the bachelor's degree programme in interior design emerged as the winner.

The competition, organised by aed, an association for the promotion of architecture, engineering and design, was aimed at young talent, i.e. students and graduates of universities and academies who did not exceed the maximum age of 28. A gold prize was awarded in each of five categories. In the category Exhibition Design + Interior Design, the work "Toni's Shop Café" from the Interior Design degree programme came out on top.

About the project
Students from the bachelor's degree programme in interior design dedicated themselves with great commitment to a request from the Konrad Biesalski School, a non-profit company that operates a second-hand store with a café in Ellwangen, where people with handicaps gain access to the general labor market. The manager, Jana Schütte, asked the 2021 study programme for support in designing the store. In a short project in October 2021, the students collected initial ideas, they visited the store, took measurements and developed creative initial ideas on site. The next step was to use the design approaches developed in an elective course and finally in the course "Construction" taught by Prof. Diane Ziegler in the 6th semester of the bachelor's degree program to work on the concrete design. Because already in the short project, all participants agreed that it should not remain with vague ideas. The declared goal was to develop a mature concept that could be implemented and covered many relevant topics. Thus, in addition to the teams for design and execution planning, there were others for public relations, model making, lighting design and materials procurement. The framework conditions were not entirely straightforward. A budget of only 20,000 euros demanded a creative use of materials and great personal commitment in the implementation. So it was obvious to use donated retail furniture. One donated item of furniture was to be given special significance for the further design: A lattice shelving system, whose green color scheme was the starting point for the further color scheme of the room and also for the coorperate design. Once all the planning had been completed, a small group of students, together with craftsmen, Tonis employees and volunteers, set to work on the redesign. Thanks to the great commitment of many involved, including the carpenters of our faculty, this unusual project was realized and Tonis Ladencafe was ceremoniously opened in its new form on September 18, 2022.

"The Fridays for Future movement has shown that the young generation wants to actively participate in the challenges of the future. There was almost no budget for the remodeling of Toni's Shop Café. The students made a virtue out of necessity and, under the motto throw nothing away - buy nothing new, collected materials and store equipment with a lot of commitment and joy and remodeled them for and with the people of Tonis."

Quote from Prof. Diane Ziegler

Participating students
Design and Construction, 6th semester. Semester: Loretta Pittino, Pauline Nass, Emilia Linse, Paula Fröhlich-Träger, Christin Sarreira Santos, Sandra Hahn, Louisa Blattner, Nele Helfer, Annabelle Thees, Anika Sarder, Emilia Evertz, Lara Pfisterer, Sibel Mehmedov, Judith Lamm, Elisabeth Wassermann, Quang Long Nguyen, Sophie Lenhart, Ines Müller, Alina Kraut, Dorina Plocher, Marcell Barts, Hannah Schick, Laura Nebe, Nils Schimitzek, Katrin Kuhn, Lea Piesch, Sarah Haas, Tea Debeljak, Lisa Becker, Berfin Cagras, Lukas Krull, Chiara-Sophia Gillich, Justus Schuck, Luca Hohwieler, Julia Wiens, Laura Grau, Hannes Greule, Maurice Meister, Theresa Bührer, Olena Zhelezko, Sophie Lenhart, Sarah Lenfers, Dominik Kutsch, Andrea Leupolz and David Mavric.

On-site implementation & furniture construction: Sandra Hahn, Arne Hornef, Katrin Kuhn, Lukas Krull and Nils Schimitzek.

Congratulations to this success!

Here you can find more info and results about the competition: https://www.aed-neuland.de

Photos: René Müller / Nils Schimitzek / HFT Stuttgart

Publish date: 17. July 2023