Drei Absolventen, Gewinner des Wettbewerbs

Graduates of the Master's programme in Architecture win prizes in two student competitions

At the prominent AIV Schinkel Competition, they won the urban planning category, and received a further award at the student wa-Award.

Daniel Klaus, Chris Philipp and Jan Tondera, graduates of the Master's programme in Architecture, won the AIV Schinkel Competition in the urban planning category with their Master's thesis in the winter semester of 2021/22.

From a total of 123 entries submitted to the AIV-Schinkel competition entitled "Resource Rüdersdorf - remixed", they were able to prevail against numerous competitors with their entry. The competition was organised by the Berlin-Brandenburg Association of Architects and Engineers and was open to graduates and students of higher semesters from all over Germany. Each of the different disciplines - architecture, urban planning, landscape architecture, traffic planning, structural engineering and fine arts - had their own tasks.

The task dealt with the site of a disused phosphate feed factory in Rüdersdorf, on the eastern outskirts of Berlin. The buildings served as a popular film set for numerous films, and the area was characterised by open-cast lime mining and the construction industry.

Excerpt from the jury's assessment: "In a socio-political prologue, the work argues that the implementation of a sustainable circular economy requires a radical societal rethink with a corresponding adjustment of lifestyles. Therefore, it proposes the introduction of a one-year climate service after school. Here, for example, industrial wastelands such as the phosphate factory in Rüdersdorf function as climate service stations and real laboratories for sustainable living.
Based on the propagated model of a "circular economy fit for grandchildren", the authors suggest developing the site of the former feed phosphate factory as an exemplary pilot project. In a playful and at the same time visionary way, the phased reactivation of the derelict site is presented. In order to make optimal use of existing resources, the preservation and conversion of existing buildings and infrastructures have priority in the development of the site."

Prof. Harald Roser and Prof. Dr-Ing. Philipp Dechow supervised the thesis. 

"The work of the three Master's students shows in a wide spectrum (urban planning, design of new buildings and conversions, building construction, supporting structure, energy concept, representation and an independent, mature and responsible attitude towards architecture and society) among the best that our teaching can produce and it has dealt in an outstanding way with the future topics that not only our faculty, but also the HFT Stuttgart wants to take up with its structure and development plan. That is why we are particularly pleased that this exemplary work has been recognised in the renowned Schinkel Competition," says Prof. Harald Roser about the work.

All information about the Schinkel competition 

The guiding idea of Daniel Klaus, Chris Philipp and Jan Tondera

To counteract climate change, a change in people's minds must happen. Our solution approach is to introduce a post-school climate service. Young adolescents learn a grandchild-friendly circular economy using crucial knowledge and tools. Brownfields are ideally suited as climate service sites. With the industrial wasteland Rüdersdorf an exemplary reactivation is explained and deepened on the basis of the culture reactor, the former mixing plant.

The awarded work

Another honour at the student wa-award

At the prestigious wa-Award on the topic "Architecture in planetary boundaries" 116 works participated, here the work achieved another prize. The award ceremony took place on 21.April 2022 in Berlin.

Presentation and exhibition of the works

The two Schinkel Prize winning works for architecture (Flo Berrar, Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna and Johannes Anselmann, graduate of HFT Stuttgart) and for urban design (Daniel Klaus, Chris Philipp and Jan Tondera) are on display at HFT Stuttgart in the foyer of Building 8 until 03 May 2022. On April 27, the works were presented by the authors at the HFT Stuttgart during the vernissage.

The grand Schinkel Festival with the award ceremony for the winners will take place on 26 August 2022.

The entire Faculty of Architecture and Design is very pleased and congratulates on this special awards!


Publish date: 11. March 2022 By Cornelia Jänicke ()