Portraitfoto von Emilie Schoelkopf

Emilie Schoelkopf is one of the winners of the "Die*JungenHugos" young talent award

For her design of the "polyvalent space" she was awarded the "Startschuss Preis"

The young talent contest, organised by the Association of German Architects (Bund Deutscher Architekten, BDA), was aimed at architecture students at universities in Baden-Württemberg. The award ceremony will take place on 08 November 2021 as part of the opening event of the BDA's "Architekturnovember".

Emilie Schoelkopf developed the design in the second semester of her Bachelor's degree in architecture, which was supervised by Professor Jonathan Scheder.

"The occasion for the examination of the city, space and architecture in the autumn and winter of 2020/2021 was Stuttgart's market square. The focus of the design was not on the exact fulfilment of a spatial programme, but on the formulation and development of architectural ideas. The students approached the marketplace and its history independently and thus began the design work. They searched, researched and decided on locations, which were documented in all important aspects. In successive work steps, variants and sub-variants were compared in comparative studies, revised, discarded and finally concretized contextually, typologically and spatially. I was very happy about Emilie's Startschuss Award!", says Professor Jonathan Scheder about the great success.

This is how Emilie Schoelkopf describes her work:

"My design is a build-up on an existing complex of houses on Stuttgart's market square. This is based on its historical models. It takes up the silhouette of the historic roofs and reinterprets them.
The steel construction gives the structure a very filigree and transparent, but restrained impression. Very lightly and almost floatingly, a roof rests on the steel construction and thus underlines the contour of the roof ridges. The complex is accessed through the existing buildings, either via a staircase or a lift. At the top, one enters a generous roofscape, which divides the space into different sections in a very airy and loose manner by means of gradations in the floor, set structures and a gallery. This creates areas that can adapt to any situation, as no specific function is assigned to them. The polyvalent space is used in a variety of ways and is oriented towards the function of Stuttgart's market square. The generous glazing provides an uninterrupted view over Stuttgart. Interior and exterior merge into each other and convey a feeling of freedom and airiness."

More about the Young Talent Award: http://diejungenhugos.bda-bawue.de/


Publish date: 27. October 2021 By Cornelia Jänicke ()