Foto zum Preis des Beirats mit Verleiher, Professoren und Preisträger

This year's Master's thesis award in the IPM degree programme went to Saeid Shadvali

Congratulations on this award!

This year's prize of the advisory board of the Master's programme International Project Management was awarded during the 50th advisory board meeting to Saeid Shadvali for his outstanding thesis.

The Master-Thesis "Exploring Opportunities and Challenges for Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)-Related Services Providers: A Case Study on the Feasibility of Entry for a Consulting Company" investigates the potential for companies to offer services related to the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP). The main goal is to assess whether companies can become providers of services aligned with the CDP.

The research aims to understand the demand in the market and the necessary conditions for becoming an accredited solutions provider. It examines the increasing need for support and consultancy related to CDP reporting. The study uses a combination of research methods, including reviewing existing literature, conducting surveys, interviews, and SWOT analysis.

The findings highlight both the advantages and challenges that businesses might face when entering the CDP services sector. The thesis concludes with specific recommendations for a case company interested in offering CDP-related services. The proposed approach suggests starting with thorough market testing, including extensive research and careful client selection.

By focusing on favorable opportunities, addressing weaknesses, and making informed decisions, the case company could successfully establish and grow its CDP services. This effort aligns with broader goals of promoting sustainability and providing expertise in climate change consulting.

To sum up, this thesis provides a detailed exploration of the possibilities and obstacles involved in entering the CDP services industry. It offers valuable recommendations to support the establishment of a successful business centered around CDP-related services.

Publish date: 18. October 2023