Portraitfoto von Khaled Elwan, dem Gewinner des DAAD Preises 2023

DAAD-Prize 2023 awarded to Khaled Elwan

Khaled Elwan from the International Master Programme Smart City Solutions, Department of Architecture and Design, awarded the DAAD Prize 2023

Prof. Dr. Iris Belle, Dean of Studies International Master Programme Smart City Solutions, presented Khaled Elwan with the DAAD-Prize for his outstanding academic accomplishments and exceptional commitment to intercultural engagement.

Khaled Elwan, who holds a master's degree in project management and a bachelor’s degree in civil and highway and bridge engineering, both from Al Balqa'a Applied University Jordan, arrived at HFT Stuttgart in fall 2021 and completed his studies in summer 2023. In his master thesis he explored innovative technologies for recycling construction waste in road building for smart cities, with a focus on the integration of GPS (Global Positioning System) and an emphasis on the state of Baden-Württemberg. This research is integral to addressing critical environmental and sustainability issues within the construction industry and thus for the operation and maintenance of infrastructure in smart cities.

After arriving in Stuttgart, he gained a lot of experience with German authorities during the registration process. He has since shared his experience and insights into the German bureaucratic system with newly arriving students and has thus played a vital role in guiding and supporting new students. Khaled Elwan is highly regarded by fellow students, professors and lecturers. Beyond his academic endeavors, Elwan was a dedicated volunteer in various initiatives within HFT Stuttgart, particularly in the realms of climate protection and the summer school programme at HFT Stuttgart.

It is these outstanding qualities and contributions, combined with his remarkable academic achievements, that firmly persuaded the selection committee to award this year's DAAD Prize to Khaled Elwan.

HFT Stuttgart congratulates him on the award!

Publish date: 02. November 2023