Portrait des ehemaligen Studierenden Nicolai Schurr

Concrete Design Competition 2023/24: PRESENCE

Nicolai Schurr, former student of the Bachelor's degree programme in Architecture, receives recognition in the Concrete Design Competition 2023/2024

The work "A house for watering flowers" was created in the elective subject "Field and field bathing" in the summer semester 2023, which was supervised by Professor Jonathan Scheder.

"The competition for students is about discovering potential, researching properties and setting new standards in designing with concrete, always with a view to sustainability and resource-saving construction. The jury awarded first, second and third place as well as a recognition for the competition with the theme 'Presence'."

The Jury describes the design as, among other things, "An innovative, aesthetically pleasing concept with a touching presentation."

Nicolai Schurr on his student project
"The small monolithic house is located on an open meadow in the immediate vicinity of the municipal cemetery of Oberkochen on the Ostalb. It deliberately remains outside the threshold of the cemetery and thus stays on the ground of the profane. From a distance, the simple body looks like a large rock stranded in the open meadow. The external form makes little statement about the function and interior of the house. The building lives from the material presence that the unreinforced concrete lends it.

The concrete is tamped into the formwork of the 50 cm thick walls in layers and thus gradually built up. Visible horizontal joints are the result of this construction method. The vault in the interior does justice to the material and is self-supporting. A solid wooden beam absorbs the loads of the vault and transfers them to the outer walls. The barrel vault turns the roof surface into a large funnel that collects rainwater in a large trough in the interior. A small hole in the outer wall serves as an overflow. The collected water reflects the daylight from the opening above and envelops the interior in a delicate dress of direct and indirect light. The simple geometry is juxtaposed with a multi-layered play of light; and the concrete is the projection surface. Access to the house is through a narrow, low opening. The round arch is the result of both a static requirement and an aesthetic design element. Visitors to the cemetery can dip their watering cans into the trough to fill them with fresh rainwater, which they can then use to care for the graves."

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Source introductory quote & jury statement: https://www.concretedesigncompetition.de/studentenwettbewerb-beton-und-architektur-2023/2024/

Publish date: 03. June 2024