Grafik für die Bewerbung des Case Study Tag 2023


Sustainable planning, building & use

On Friday, 16.06.2023, the Bachelor's degree course ClimateEngineering will hold this year's Case Study Tag. The aim of this event is to present and discuss in detail a few selected complex practical examples that have been realised and are in operation, with a special demand for architecture, energy efficiency, sustainability and a high degree of innovation.

The programme begins with a welcome by the Bachelor's degree course ClimateEngineering. Afterwards, architects, engineers and builders will report from the planning and implementation of exciting architectural projects.

One of the two projects is Borneo - a sustainable timber building system in Indonesia. The goal of this project was to develop a sustainable timber building system specifically designed for subtropical climates. A complete building system was to be developed from multi-layer boards, which, among other things, adapts the design of traditional trees and also enables various building shapes and sizes.

Another project is the Rapunzel visitor center in Legau. With the construction of the visitor center "Rapunzel" a sophisticated architecture with a low C02-print should be realized. The leitmotif "We make organic for love" served as the basis for the invitingly designed visitor center. In addition to the use of sustainable and, above all, regional materials, special attention was paid, among other things, to determining the location and arrangement of the rooms and window openings according to microclimatic aspects.

The programme will begin at 9:45 a.m. and will end at approximately 4:00 p.m. with closing remarks by the Bachelor's degree course ClimateEngineering. Afterwards, everyone is cordially invited to let pass the evening with a joint barbecue in front of Building 8.

We are looking forward to an exciting day full of interesting, informative contributions and hope for numerous participants.

Venue and pre-registration
The event will take place in Bau 8 (new building) room 0.43 on the first floor
Please register under the following link:


Bachelor's degree course ClimateEngineering

Christin Gegner

Pia Klein

This event is free of charge and is recognised with 4 continuing education points according to the continuing education regulations of the Baden-Württemberg Chamber of Engineers and recognised by the Chamber of Architects with an extent of 3.5 hours for members and architects/urban planners in internship for the fields of architecture, interior design and urban planning.

Publish date: 23. May 2023