Gruppenbild von Studierenden mit ihren Objekten entstanden im Studiengang IMIAD

BLICKFANG Stuttgart 2023

Interior Design Programme included!

The Interior Design Programme at the Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences will be exhibiting at BLICKFANG Stuttgart in the Liederhalle Stuttgart from 10–12 March! At stand 216, students will present their furniture designs from the winter semester 22/23 from various semester projects.

In the lecture "Circular Building with Students" on 10 March at 6 p.m., Prof. Diane Ziegler will talk about a realised project – the redesign of Toni's shop café in Ellwangen.

Bachelor Degree Programme of Interior Architecture
The third semester of the Bachelor's Degree Programme of Interior Architecture addressed the following questions: How sustainable is the HFT Stuttgart, what is thrown away and sorted out? Where does production waste occur and how can it be recycled? The task was to research production or HFT waste and to combine and supplement the materials found with newly designed elements. The students developed and designed concepts for further use in the form of small furniture. Supervision: Prof. Karsten Weigel, Dipl.-Ing. Rosa Pöttinger-Teufel

International Master of Interior-Architectural Design (IMIAD)
In cooperation with the linoleum producer forbo, students of the third master semester experimented with floor, furniture and pinboard linoleum – a material made of natural raw materials. In the furniture sector, its use is usually limited mainly to flat, straight table surfaces or cabinet fronts. The task was to work out new functional areas of application and to design a piece of furniture of choice that would showcase the properties and potential of the material. Supervision: Prof. Karsten Weigel, Dipl.-Des. Alexander Klein and Dipl.-Des. Melissa Acker

Kultur- und Kongresszentrum Liederhalle
Berliner Platz 1–3 | 70174 Stuttgart

Duration of exhibition
March 10–12, 2023

Opening hours
Fr | 12 a.m–8 p.m.
Sa | 11 a.m.–8 p.m.
Su I 11 a.m.–6 p.m.


Work from the Bachelor's Degree Programme of Interior Architecture

Works from the International Master of Interior-Architectural Design (IMIAD)

Publish date: 27. February 2023