Virtual exhibition BEST OF 2020

Overview of last year’s best student works across all of the Faculty of Architecture and Design’s programmes.

This year, for the first time as a virtual collection, the Faculty of Architecture and Design presents the best semester and final theses.

Some 1000 students have prepared an estimated 4000 theses during the last two semesters, incorporating uncounted hours of conception, research, design, model building, revision, analysis, sketching, layout, and plenty of commitment.

From the abundance of analogue and digital results, professors of architecture, interior design, international project management, climate engineering, smart city solutions and urban planning have selected the 50 best works for the exhibition.

The exhibition reflects the students’ best achievements as well as the topics and requirements of the different programmes. In addition, the broad spectrum and high diversity of the programmes is being showcased.

Congratulations to all award-winning students; we would like to thank all lecturers and colleagues for their dedicated supervision of the work presented.

14 October at 12.00 pm marked the big reveal for all curious and interested visitors.

You are cordially invited to virtual exploration at:

Publish date: 14. October 2020