Gesamtansicht der Ausstellung von Möbelkonzepten – " Dialog alt und neu"

Exhibition of furniture concepts – "Dialogue Old and New

The exhibits will be on display until April 18, 2022.

On display are exciting results of the furniture design course in the 3rd semester of the Bachelor's Degree programme in interior design.

The furnishings of a row house in Stuttgart from 1954 that was about to be demolished served as the starting point for the redesign. Each group of two was randomly assigned a piece of furniture for free redesign. Elements from this were combined with great ingenuity to create a new unique piece. The Stuttgarter Zeitung reported about it on January 17, soon the trade journal AIT will publish a detailed article.

The project was supervised by Prof. Karsten Weigel and Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Jürgen Aldinger. With active support of the workshop team Romano Bianchi, Holger Bitterberg and Willi Mauch.

Students and university members are cordially invited to visit!

Exhibition location: HFT Stuttgart, Building 1, Lichthof

Publish date: 29. March 2022 By Annabel Angus ()