Point 7 – Architecture lecture series

Lectures on 05/11. | 12/11. | 19/11/2020

Once again this winter semester, the Faculty of Architecture and Design will be holding specialist lectures as part of the Point 7 series. Renowned designers from the fields of architecture, interior design and urban planning have been speaking in the series since 2004.

The lecturers talk about their personal approaches, strategies and experiences in project implementation. Their professional vita and individual stance on architectural and building culture issues are also considered. This way they provide insights into their respective work and the person behind it.
This year's lectures will take place via digital live broadcast. Building in rural areas will be the common topic of the three lecturers from Munich, Basel and Bezau.

We are looking forward to Max Otto Zitzelsberger, Lilitt Bollinger and Sven Matt.

Max Otto Zitzelsberger | Munich
"Fast Architektur" (“Almost Architecture”) on 05 November 2020

Never has there been more freedom and possibilities than in our western society. However, this has also increased our expectations and requirements. Processes have become highly complex. Building has never been as complicated as it is today. The density of technical innovations is enormous. The list of rules seems endless. Social processes are also manifold and are subject to a multitude of conditions and dependencies. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find the right form for all the factors mentioned. What does it mean to be an architect these days?

Lilitt Bollinger | Basel (CH)
"Weiterbauen" (“Keep Building”) on 12 November 2020

Lilitt bollinger studio works in the already built environment and takes an interest in atmospheric spaces and poetic configurations, experiments with space allocation planning and sophisticated constructive details.
Location is seen as the scene of an ongoing process of transformation, in which one's own intervention is a further building block in a continuing narrative. In the lecture Lilitt Bollinger will present a number of her buildings.

Sven Matt | Bezau (A)
"Zwischendrin" (“In Between”) on 19 November 2020

Innauer Matt Architects from Bregenzerwald interpret tasks close to the location, the landscape and its inhabitants. Founded in 2012 by Markus Innauer and Sven Matt, they create atmospherically dense and delicately detailed works within the mountains, combining existing and new structures. The central motif is always the quest for architecture that creates familiar places with a lasting character by means of a calm everyday appearance.

The individual lectures will be broadcast live at: vimeo.com/event/309891
You can also find all lectures at: www.vimeo.com/hft

With these lectures the HFT Stuttgart participates in the “Architekturnovember" (“Architectural November”), initiated by the Bund Deutscher Architekten (BDA).

We would like to thank the “Knödler-Decker-Stiftung“ and the “Verein Freunde der HFT Stuttgart“ for their kind support.

Host: Prof. Michel Roeder   |   Organisation: Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Cornelia Jänicke  |  Technology: Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Michael Hoschek

Publish date: 11. October 2020