Visualisierung des Innenraum, in dem Konzert stattfindet

Exhibition student works FRUCHTKASTEN

On display in Herrenberg from 11 - 15.10.2020

In the summer semester of 2020, 16 students from the Master's programme in architecture worked out designs for the renovation and conversion of the historic "Fruchtkasten" in Herrenberg.

The half-timbered building was constructed in the 17th century, the core of the building is even much older. Its previous use as a small exhibition on the history of the town is to be extended in future. The students worked out concepts for its versatile use as an exhibition and event location with tourist information and catering facilities.

They were supervised by Professor Michel Roeder and Andreas Gravert (former Herrenberg building mayor). The students also received support from the Office for Economic Development and Culture, which provided them with all the documents and plans for the competition. 

The design results are now being presented in an exhibition in the Herrenberg multipurpose hall. The exhibition also shows the results of a realisation competition, which was also dedicated to this topic.

Exhibition venue:
Mehrzweckhalle Herrenberg (multipurpose hall Herrenberg), Seestrasse 29, 71083 Herrenberg

11. – 15/10/2020, 10.00 – 17.00

Find out more about the history and future of the listed building.

Visualisation: Nina Pfeiffer
Text: Cornelia Jänicke

Publish date: 09. October 2020