Outstanding Master Thesis in IPM

We congratulate on this extraordinary achievement

In the winter semester 2019/2020 the student Rakan Alassaf submitted the best master thesis in the International Project Management programme.

The scientific work titled "A Framework to Choose between TTP and LBMS according to Project Context and Tasks Complexity" was honoured with the "IPM Advisory Board” award. The award was endowed this year by CPM GmbH Gesellschaft für Projektmanagement.

The thesis covers a practical application of Lean Construction Management. Especially cycle time planning and the location based management system, which are used to plan and control production in construction projects, are part of the thesis. On the basis of several case studies a framework and a detailed guideline was developed on how to best choose between the two systems depending on project context and task complexity.

Unfortunately the traditional official ceremony had to be cancelled this year due to coronavirus circumstances; the IPM course would like to hereby congratulate the student once again.


Publish date: 08. July 2020