Modell Studierendenwettbewerb

1st prize in competition

Future Stops Halt 4.0

Students from the architecture programme win student competition 'Future Stops Halt 4.0 – Transit Stop of the Future

Together with the IBA Basel 2020, the city of Lörrach launched the student competition 'Transit Stop of the Future'. According to the description, the competition’s task was finding 'ideas for transit where a vision of new forms of mobility, future travel, boarding, interchanging and staying across borders can be experienced in terms of space, design and function, while at the same time corresponding to Lörrach’s local context'.

Chris Philipp, Sven Frammelsberger, Jan Tondera and Özkan Özcapaci, students of the Bachelor and Masters programme in Architecture, could convince the jury and won first prize, endowed with 1,500 Euros.

Supervised by Prof. Sebastian Jehle, their design took up the context of the tri-border area and implemented it in terms of form through the spatial arrangement of triangles. The resulting folded structure is based on a modular system and can thus be implemented at virtually any other location. The contribution is characterised by the choice of innovative materials such as laminated OPV cells (OPV = organic photovoltaics), generating electricity for the transit stop’s networking, smartphone charging, e-bikes as well as for signal and lighting infrastructure.

Congratulations to the winners!

Publish date: 09. March 2020