The Architecture and Design Department’s daylight planning lab was opened in 2004.

A daylight simulator consisting of two elements - the artificial sun, which is fixed in the second component, the artificial sky - creates modifiable light situations. Different light conditions such as sunny, overcast or cloudy can be simulated and recorded for any location in the world.

The artificial sky, a translucent hemisphere, 4.20 m in diameter, is equipped with 360 fluorescent lamps of the highest colour rendering index, steplessly dimmable from 1 to 100% percent and featuring a colour temperature of 6000 Kelvin, corresponding to daylight.

Using a halogen bulb with parabolic reflector, the artificial sun simulates parallel sunlight. The control panel enables the simulation of any solar orbit at any date and any place in the world. This construction makes it possible to reproduce the sky’s brightness and the circumsolar radiation (the sky is brighter around the sun) in great detail.

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