The City Demonstrator of HFT Stuttgart shows us today the smart city of tomorrow. Here, we can experience the diverse and interdisciplinary research activities of the HFT Stuttgart on the main topic of the smart city. Among other things, they cover the topics of energy, sensors, data security, IoT, mobility, acoustics and acceptance, and look at both individual buildings and neighborhoods as well as the holistic urban space as a whole. The bundling of these research activities in large-scale projects leads to interdisciplinary exchange and comprehensive networking of the individual topics. In addition, the intensive cooperation with a balanced practical partnership ensures a high social relevance.

The City Demonstrator offers researchers a visualization environment in which they can vividly and realistically simulate, test and present digital research results. This opens up the possibility of communicating in a completely new way about the topics of sustainable, resilient and livable cities and of shaping negotiation processes between research, practice, administration and, not least, civil society in a more concrete way.

In order to meet the diversity of HFT research and the different needs of our target group, the City Demonstrator can draw on a constantly growing selection of devices and equipment. The touch table can be used to simulate and visualize large-scale projects and their impact on urban space. The HoloLens makes it possible to immerse oneself in an augmented reality environment and interact with it. The KAT Walk in combination with virtual reality goggles literally allows you to enter virtual worlds and move freely within them.

Possible areas of application for the City Demonstrator
  • Simulations
  • Visualizations
  • Acceptance studies
  • Behavioral studies
    and much more...

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Demo versions

Room 5/0.101

Scientific director
Volker Coors

Laboratory Manager
Andreas Otte

You would like to learn more about the City Demonstrator? Are you interested in research cooperations? You are doing research at HFT Stuttgart and would like to use the City Demonstrator yourself? Are you wondering whether research results that have already been developed can also be applied to your projects? Then please feel free to contact us: