Transformation of urban centres


TransZ is a research project of four universities and two municipal partners that investigates social, economic and ecological innovations in urban (sub)centers. In many cities, once vital centers are losing importance and appreciation. Not only as places of commerce and supply, but also as places of living, communication, residence and identity for the district, or the city as a whole in smaller cities. Commercial underutilization, vacant stores and apartments, properties in need of renovation, vacant lots and neglected public spaces are visible expressions of this development. Declining attractiveness and a negative image of the centers are the result. The research project is based on the hypothesis that new forms of participation can trigger sustainable transformations in the centers.

Research Question

The research is based on an stakeholder-oriented and transdisciplinary research approach. The research questions comprise four thematic complexes:

  • What forms of self-organization and governance can be observed in collaboratively oriented center development?
  • What integrating and activating qualities can meeting spaces and social infrastructures develop in the context of reallaboratories and how can these qualities be established?
  • What potentials for commitment and community action can be awakened and how?
  • What low-threshold opportunities for participation exist for the use and design of public space and what planning instruments are promising?


The key elements of the project are reallabors as an integral part of transformation research in the selected project areas. The researchers develop the concepts for the reallabors together with the local actors; they accompany the processes scientifically, evaluate them and develop transferable strategies for local stabilization, scalability and transfer to other spatial contexts. In addition to the evaluation of scientific literature, empirical surveys on site as well as qualitative and quantitative analyses form the center of the work.

Targeted results

TransZ aims to contribute to the sustainable transformation and development of urban centers. As a result, social, economic and ecological innovations will be scientifically evaluated and documented, and stabilization and transfer strategies will be identified.

ManagementProf. Dr. Ing. Christina Simon-Philipp
PartnerDistrict Office Hamburg-Altona, HafenCity University Hamburg (HCU), Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (HAW), University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Hildesheim/Holzminden/Göttingen (HAWK), State Capital Stuttgart
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FundingFederal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)
Call for proposalZukunftsstadt
Duration01.04.2020 - 31.03.2022


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Professorin/ Studiendekanin Master-Studiengang Architektur und Gestaltung/ Städtebau und Stadtplanung/ Leiterin ZNS +49 711 8926 2616 8/3.11