Acoustic testing of technical building equipment


The Centre for Acoustic and Thermal Building Physics (ZFB) of the HFT Stuttgart works closely with the Prüfstelle HLK Stuttgart GmbH as a cooperation partner in this project. An essential task of the cooperation is the acoustic testing of technical building equipment.

Research Question

The acoustic investigation of technical building installations includes the measurement the radiated sound power of heat pumps, heating systems, ventilation devices and their ducts. In recent years, in addition to the plant-specific parameters, the acoustic characteristics of these devices have increasingly had to be determined within the scope of tests and certifications.


The acoustic tests are mainly carried out in cooperation with the staff of the HLK Stuttgart GmbH in the acoustic test facilities, e.g. reverberation room, hemi-anechoic room and window test facilities in the ZFB. All acoustic test procedures and test equipment are regularly checked by the accreditation of the HVAC Stuttgart GmbH and are subject to quality management. Measurement techniques are mainly used to determine the device noise and duct noise of domestic installations, in particular heat pumps and ventilation devices. Due to the different test facilities and numerous test devices, all common measuring methods for determining the sound power can be applied. The acoustic issues sometimes require special test setups and a specific adaptation or extension of the usual measurement methods. In addition to the acoustic testing of building services equipment and systems, the cooperation project also includes the further development of measurement methods and participation in the relevant standardisation committees.

Targeted results

The aim of the project is to provide the project partner and its clients with acoustic characteristic values for technical building equipment. Thus, especially manufacturers with little experience in acoustics and lacking test equipment can be supported in acoustical questions concerning their products.

ManagementProf. Dr. Ing. Berndt Zeitler
PartnerHVAC Stuttgart GmbH
Fundingdifferent device manufacturers
Duration01.01.2018 - 01.01.2025


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