Vaulted ceiling 2.0: Clay instead of bricks


A load-bearing storey ceiling made of natural materials can be implemented as a vaulted ceiling with arches made of rammed earth and beams made of timber. The production and load-bearing capacity of these elements for real building projects is being researched.

Research questions

  • How far can arches be made from rammed earth and carry the usual live loads from storey construction.
  • How can the cap ceiling elements be serially prefabricated and transported to the construction site?
  • What does the construction look like in detail

Scientific approach and methods

  • Production of different basic elements with arches made of clay and beams made of wood.
  • Load test of the arches with different spans.

Targeted results

  • Findings on the load-bearing capacity of the clay arches. Which span widths are reasonable and possible
  • Findings about a serial production of the clay arches in elements.
  • Opportunity for real implementation, e.g. Charlottenburg Palace Visitor Centre project
ManagementProf. Martin Stumpf
PartnersZüblin Stuttgart, wh-p Ingenieure
FoundingDeutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt (DBU)



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Professor / Prodekan 8/1.01
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