Data-driven tool for analyzing psychological stress in the workplace


The project deals with the development of an automated method for analyzing mental health in the workplace based on current scientific findings in business psychology. The project takes place as part of the "Young Innovators" funding with the aim of successfully and sustainably founding a company during the project period. The focus of the research is the validation of a practice-relevant questionnaire for surveying mental health in an organizational context, the development of a measurement model and its implementation in an automated progressive web application.

Research question

  • Which work factors are relevant for the mental health of employees?

  • How to convert mental stress into economic figures?

  • Which concepts for strengthening mental health have a lasting effect?

Scientific approach and methods

  • Development of a valid measuring instrument for mental stress and health at work

  • Creation of a database to determine the connections between stress and mental health

  • Literature analysis to develop effective concepts to strengthen mental health in an organizational context


The project "improveMID" was successfully completed after one year of funding by "Young Innovators".

The following was achieved:

  • Company foundation of improveMID UG
  • Creation and validation of a practice-relevant questionnaire and statistical measurement model for predicting mental health at the workplace based on stress factors (study with n = 1,000)
  • Development and implementation of first measures to strengthen mental health at the workplace with companies
  • Completion and testing of an automated Progressive Web Application


improveMID will be continued by the three founders Diana Kovaleva, Marion Riedel and Ina Haug after the end of the funding period.

ManagementProf. Dr. Patrick Müller
Funding bodyMinistry of Science, Research and Art Baden-Württemberg
ProgramYoung Innovators
Duration01.03.2022 - 28.02.2023



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