Intelligent charging infrastructure for electric vehicles in Calw


The consortium plans to equip two existing parking garages in downtown Calw with intelligent charging infrastructure. Both parking garages "Calwer Markt" and "Kaufland" are essential for the stationary traffic in the center of Calw and provide access to central supply areas.

The city of Calw is the heart of the Baden-Württemberg e-car sharing service "deer", which provides 300 purely electric vehicles. The deer GmbH operates 130 charging stations in Baden-Württemberg.
The city of Calw is a pilot and a role model for other municipalities.

The two projects are designed to show how intelligent charging infrastructure can be added to existing garages and parking garages. Of particular interest is the integration of state-of-the-art electrical and information technology into the existing building installation. Both parking garages will be comprehensively equipped with intelligent wallboxes, each with 22 kilowatts of charging power per charging point.The practical implementation of this will be carried out together with the consortium partners Energie Calw (ENCW) and the municipal utilities of Calw. The consortium partner Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences is responsible for the simulation and analysis of the energy management as well as the acceptance and utilization research.

Research questions

How does charging infrastructure affect local and regional energy grids?

How do bidirectional charging, buffer storage and virtual storage affect energy grids?

What conditions are necessary to ensure that the charging options will be used?

Scientific approach and methods

  • Investigation and selection of charging infrastructure and control of dynamic load management.
  • Recording and analysis of the energetic loads in the demonstration projects
  • Installation of charging infrastructure
  • Measurement, analysis and evaluation of the loads and the energy network
  • Acceptance and usage analysis
  • Accompanying documentation over the entire duration

Targeted results

Preparation of a manual or guide for the implementation of dynamic load management in existing buildings.

ManagementProf. Dr.-Ing. Lutz Gaspers
Partnerdeer GmbH Calw, City of Calw, Energie Calw, Calw municipal utilities
FundingBaden-Württemberg Ministry of the Environment, Climate Protection and the Energy Sector
Programme BWPLUS: Baden-Württemberg Programm Lebensgrundlage Umwelt und ihre Sicherung



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Vice-President (Studies and Teaching) University Board +49 711 8926 2658 1/120
Research assistant +49 711 8926 2415 3/316
Scientific employee Center for Sustainable Energy Technology ( +49 711 8926 2958 7/105