Universal platform for interactive technology management in public buildings


Within the framework of the strategic partnership for the intelligent city i_city, the usability of so-called smart home technologies is considered an extension of classic building automation in public buildings.

Research Question

In the smart home market, key players have so far been unable to establish themselves either technologically or economically - the implementation of individual technologies and providers is still uncertain. At present, tying yourself to a particular provider could turn out to be a bad investment in the short term. For a sustainable, energy-efficient and resource-conserving building use, novel concepts are therefore being developed on the basis of an open source platform (openHAB), which, by making increased use of sensors, actuators and information technology, ensure a higher degree of networking of smart buildings and Internet structures, and thereby involve users and interested user communities in all planning and development steps.

Research Methods

The prototypical implementation within the university also serves as a show case to motivate other universities and public institutions to use and further develop the developed application scenarios themselves. This is the only way to ensure sustainable development and continuation beyond the end of the project despite the extremely dynamic development and technological diversity. The users and building operators and not the technology suppliers are the focus of attention.

Expected Results

The results of the research project are to benefit above all public institutions that are concerned with the use of innovative technologies in the sense of Smart Public Buildings. The economic consequences lie in the area of savings through lower energy consumption, better space utilization and lower technology costs through the use of open source software. As an exploratory project, the project is not limited to a purely economic evaluation, but also includes environmental and social aspects in its assessment.

ManagementProf. Dr. Dieter Uckelmann
TenderStrong universities of applied sciences - impulse for the region (FH-Impuls)
Duration01.10.2017 - 31.03.2021 extended until 31.07.2021


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