Within the framework of the strategic partnership for the intelligent city i_city, novel concepts for sustainable, energy-efficient and resource-saving urban development are being developed, which, with increased use of information technology, ensure a higher degree of networking of energy systems, smart buildings and network infrastructure. In the field of action "Innovative building structures and technologies", investigations on sound transmission v via thermally insulated balconies are being carried out in cooperation with Schöck Bauteile GmbH.

Research Question

Load-bearing insulation elements are state of the art for the thermal insulation of balconies and pergolas. The acoustic properties of these elements are becoming increasingly important in order to meet rising expectations for impact sound insulation. The impact sound insulation, however, has so far only been measurable and depends on the geometry of the adjacent room. Is it also possible to predict the impact sound insulation of cantilevered components with thermal decoupling?


Within the scope of the project, measurements of velocity levels, loss factors and modal analyses were carried out on decoupled and continuous balcony-like structures. The measurements are compared with Finite Element simulations and examined regarding normative ratings dependent on the number of installed supporting elements and the thickness of the panels.

Targeted results

The aim of the project to develop a prediction model of the impact sound insulation of load-bearing thermal insulation elements. This forecast is to be used to meet the requirements of the valid and planned standards for cantilevered components.

ManagementProf. Dr.-Ing. Berndt Zeitler
PartnerSchöck Bauteile GmbH
FundingFederal Ministry of  Education and Research (BMBF)
Call for proposalFH-Impulse




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