Requirements analysis and innovative technical measures for data security for the iCity data flows


In the impulse projects of iCity, sensor and mobility data are collected, analysed, aggregated and made available to third parties in various sub-projects. The explorative project Datasecurity4iCity works out i) in detail which requirements exist for the data flows in the iCity sub-projects from the perspective of data protection and IT security. In addition, ii) it will be investigated to what extent these data security requirements can be addressed not only by existing solutions, but especially how innovative technical protection measures for the iCity data flows can be designed and prototypically implemented based on special cryptographic approaches.

Research Question

The following research questions will be investigated: i) What are the concrete data security requirements in the context of iCity?, ii) Which cryptographic approaches are most suitable to address these requirements, taking into account tradeoffs in terms of scalability, performance, software-integration, or power consumption?

Scientific approach and methods

Based on an identification of the relevant data flows and use cases in iCity subprojects, a detailed requirements analysis with regard to data security in the identified use cases is carried out. Based on this requirements analysis, innovative solutions for authentication and access control will be investigated and developed. Parallel to this, guidelines and recommendations for action to address the identified security requirements in the individual iCity sub-projects will be developed and a security architecture for the iCity data hub will be designed.

Targeted results

The Datasecurity4iCity project aims to close the gap between theoretical cryptography and applied network security in the IoT environment. As a result, novel, ready-to-use cryptographic solutions will be developed and prototypically implemented on IoT hardware that can address the security requirements of iCity data flows in terms of concrete technical measures. Some of these solutions will then be applied and tested experimentally in selected iCity subprojects.

ManagementProf. Dr. Jan Seedorf
WebsiteiCity: Intelligent City
FundingFederal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)


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