Contracting in social institutions

Development of measures to promote energy saving and efficiency contracting in social institutions


The aim is to realise a low-cost, low-risk and comprehensive energy-related refurbishment for social facilities by means of needs-based contracting. For this purpose, a calculation tool for an intelligent quick analysis of the efficiency increase potentials in social facilities is being developed as a decision support and impulse generator for operators and users.


In Germany, there is an immense backlog of renovations in social institutions such as hospitals, prevention and rehabilitation centres, nursing homes and other in-patient welfare institutions, although hospitals, for example, are among the most energy-intensive consumers in the service, commercial and retail sectors. In the CoSo project, in cooperation with the operators, experts from the contracting sector and applied research, a practical instrument is being developed which can be used to evaluate renovation measures and their savings potential.


The project comprises five work packages:

Work package 1: Creation of a common platform for project partners and stakeholders.

Work Package 2: Preparation of an overview of social institutions, evaluation with regard to economic and administrative framework conditions and SWOT analysis of contracting solutions

Work package 3: Creation of a calculation tool for the energetic calculation of buildings.

Work package 4: Analysis and modification of energy saving contracting with regard to the use in social institutions

Work package 5: Creation of a new contracting business model.

ManagementDr. Dirk Pietruschka
TeamDr. Tobias Erhart, MSc. Mariela Cotrado, MEng. Pavan Elangovan
PartnerClimate Protection and Energy Agency Baden-Württemberg (KEA BW), German Energy Efficiency Initiative (DENEFF)
SponsorFederal Ministry of Economics and Energy, BMWi
Call for tenderEnEff. building. 2050
Duration01.03.2019 – 28.02.2022