Liveable urban space, sustainable mobility, knowledge transfer, urban transformation, campus design


Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences (HFT Stuttgart) embodies a place of teaching, research and knowledge transfer. The overarching aim of the CampusLabor4iCity project is to make this tangible in the urban space and thus change the space. Particular attention is paid to the public spaces that surround and connect the university buildings. CampusLabor4iCity is characterized by the integration of study projects and research initiatives from the entire university, which ensures a comprehensive transfer of knowledge. The disciplines of urban planning and mobility cooperate in CampusLabor4iCity. As part of this collaboration, they combine their specialist knowledge and expertise to work together on innovative solutions in the field of urban design and mobility. This interdisciplinary approach makes it possible to utilize synergies and develop holistic solutions for the challenges of urban development and transport planning.

Research questions

We are motivated by the following questions for the future:

  • How can the campus become an exemplary experimental space for the conversion of inner-city urban space? How can all stakeholders from society be involved and how can an impact-oriented and sustainable transfer succeed?
  • How can HFT Stuttgart contribute to the great urban transformation?
  • How can new and "radical" participatory research be practiced at HFT Stuttgart- from teaching to transfer?

Scientific approach and methods

The explorative CampusLabor4iCity project runs through a total of 4 project phases in a mixed-methods approach (quantitative and qualitative survey methods) over its 18-month term. The research process itself is iterative and follows a Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) approach. This is intended to ensure continuous adjustment and evaluation of the research questions and the research process itself, which are derived as key transferable results and actionable knowledge in lessons learned.


Targeted results

The CampusLabor4iCity project aims to generate, collect, (re)link and visualize knowledge. The transdisciplinary and transformative research design of the real-world laboratory serves this purpose. The findings are to be summarized as knowledge for action and made available to the public. In addition, existing networks are to be expanded and new networks created. The aim is to integrate the research results into existing structures and planning processes. Another desired outcome is (structural) prototypes, concepts and (temporary) projects that can also be applied or further developed elsewhere.



Prof. Dr. Christina Simon-Philipp

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